Sustainable impact

Is it possible to create a fully ethical brand, become eco-friendly and work in the fair-trade concept? Perhaps it is utopia. However, Marina Shain chose this as her mission. She creates an honest and responsible brand. Her brand is focused on the development of ethical production and fair trade. The brand uses only natural materials that were created in the least harmful way to the environment. Each product is assembled individually, sells by order, there is no stockroom and no residue. Things that are born in Marina Shain fashion studio are loved and worn for many years. They do not just hang in the closets of their owners, they live their long life with them. Sustainability is for a long time, expensive and serious!

Timeless designs

All the clothes are from natural fabrics, made locally in Israel, and are trend-withstanding pieces; clothing that will not lose its relevance and is able to be worn from season to season. The current and previous collections are designed to be able to be worn together, and the high quality fabric ages like fine wine. A feel of self-confidence, uniqueness, a special charm and comfort – this is what you get when you immerse yourself in the world of Marina Shain’s apparel.


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